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KABEGA exhibition – HarukaToshimitsu Illustrations

カベガ 展示会 – 利光春華 イラストレーション


Haruka Toshimitsu’s illustraion was exhibited as a reference product by “KABEGA”, a service that manufactures “contemporary art” as an interior product with the latest digital printer and sells it on EC.


Hokos, a printing company in Fukui Prefecture, has started a new project called “Kabega” with the desire to add color to Japanese interior spaces with the power of art. It is said that they will sell interior-related items such as wallpapers, art panels, and cushions in collaboration with various painters such as artists living in Fukui prefecture. I was also added as one of the painters. First of all, I collaborated them to make the pictures they draw every day into an art panel of duplicate original pictures (Giclee printing). It is offered at a more affordable price than the original picture so that many people can enjoy it as an interior. You can also purchase wallpapers that you made in your previous solo exhibition from the same site.

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